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nhung loi tien tri

A Jetpak created on Thu, 31 Jul 2008 09:44:55 GMT

nhung loi tien tri

* 25th January: massive earthquake of magnitude 8.2 in Kobe, half a million casualties.
* February: massive 8.9 magnitude earthquake in San Francisco, USA
* 24th August: magnitude 8.9 (8.2?) earthquake in Turkey's southwest; Istanbul devastated
* 25th August: magnitude 8.2 earthquake in Lijiang, China
* 3rd September: America's largest hurricane since Katrina to strike New Orleans
* November: major earthquake in Japan, thousands of people dead
* 16th December: magnitude 7.8 (7.3?) earthquake in Sumatra

* 20th January: magnitude 7.1 earthquake in Colombia
* 14th May: a magnitude 7.7 earthquake in Tokyo
* 15th June: U.S. stock market collapses; world economy in crisis
* 15th September: massive 8.4 magnitude earthquake in Tokyo (Great Kanto Earthquake)
* 2nd November: a magnitude 7.9 earthquake in Algeria.
* average temperature reaches 59 degrees in Africa, serious water shortages.
* impact of sea level rise begins to be felt in coastal areas around the world
* some people beginning to change their mindsets; spirituality becomes more important (意识改变)

* 17th February: a magnitude 7.8 earthquake in Afghanistan
* global warming accelerates; bush/forest fires rampant
* serious water shortages in Middle East due to an outbreak of war
* Japan's economy is failing
* 8th October: effective cancer treatment discovered; a new virus "Els" appears
* outbreak of bird flu epidemic kills up to 73 million people by 2013

* 31st July: volcanic eruption in Krakatau in Indonesia begins; expect a huge explosion by 2015
* magnitude 8.9 earthquake in Osaka; results in large numbers of casualties
* widespread desertification causes large parts of Amazon to disappear within the next 20 years
* 6th December: unusual weather patterns around the world; skies worldwide begin to turn gloomy; plagues by infectious diseases signify the beginning of human extinction.

* effective treatment of cancer (except brain tumour) achieved
* November 1: La Palma volcanic eruption on Canary Islands; could
trigger up to 150-meter high tsunami across the Atlantic; American east coast including Florida devastated
* Sea-level rise on United States east coast; enormous damage brought about by tsunami


* civil unrest in large parts of Africa and Asia due to water shortages
* scientists discover that Asteroid (2002 NT7) might be on a collision course with Earth


* April: major drought and serious water shortages on the European continent
* average summer temperature in Japan reaches an unprecedented 58
degrees Celsius
* Explosion of Krakatau volcano in Indonesia brings about serious repercussions in world weather
* November 26: the world's average temperature reaches 59 degrees Celsius; people worldwide begin to panic with widespread civil unrest
* November 28: magnitude 7.7 earthquake occurs in Naples, Italy; thousands of casualties

* major typhoon in CHANCHU (Pearl), China; thousands of people dead

* heavy rains and floods in Europe and the Philippines; leads to thousands of deaths and refugees
* severe drought around the world leads to national confrontation over access to clean water, especially in Asia and Africa; widespread famine and epidemics due to sustained drought
* October 4: average temperature in Africa reaches 60 degrees Celsius
* Japan and China to replace the old capitalist economic system with a new one

* Scientists establish that Asteroid 2002 NT7 has 60 percent chance of colliding with the Earth
* intense air pollution around the world results in a new epidemic
* May 16: a magnitude 7.6 earthquake occurs in Iran, about 4,000 casualties
* June 21: a magnitude 10.6 gigantic earthquake in Japan's Tokai region
* October 19: a magnitude-8.1 earthquake in El Salvador; thousands of people dead

* whether we can avert the asteroid collision depends on the power of science and mindsets of the people
* Bird flu pandemic has already resulted in more than 73 million deaths
* 23 May: a magnitude 7.8 earthquake occurs in Russia

* 14 May, a magnitude-7.3 earthquake in Afghanistan; thousands of people killed and countless refugees
* 15 August: California magnitude 7.1 earthquake; thousands of people dead; prelude to the eventual collapse of the San Andreas fault

* 7 October: magnitude 8.7 earthquake in Mexico; 20,000 people perish
* South America (Peru, Ecuador, Bolivia, Colombia, northern and southern Brazil) and Europe (Portugal, United Kingdom, Germany, Poland, Austria and Russia) facing severe drinking water shortages; agriculture is no longer sustainable.
* Disappearance of glaciers due to global warming in the Andes in Latin America further aggravates the problem

* 7 June: a massive 9.1 magnitude earthquake occurs in Peru, South America; leads to collapse of the coastline

* February 9, U.S. San Francisco earthquake of 8.9 magnitude; thousands of people dead

* October 6: a magnitude-7.4 earthquake in southern India will occur
* December 11: a magnitude-7.5 earthquake in Russia will occur
* High temperature of 74 degrees Celsius to be experienced in certain regions of the world

* 9 August: a magnitude 6.8 earthquake in the southeastern part of Greece will occur

* July 17: a 10.8 magnitude unprecedented super powerful earthquake on the U.S. West Coast; rupture of San Andreas fault in California; volcanic eruptions and huge tsunami will be triggered; millions of casualties (dubbed The Big One)

* November 26: major volcanic eruption in Yellowstone in US; millions of casualties; may trigger "Ice Age" in the United States
* desertification of Amazon in South America intensifies

* Venice, Italy to disappear into the sea

* volcanic eruptions become more frequent around the world; many islands and coastal regions will disappear
* September 24: the Netherlands disappears into the sea
* Asteroid "99942 Apophis" discovered to be on a collision course with the ill-fated planet Earth; impact equivalent to 100,000 times Hiroshima-type atomic bombs. From Wikipedia
"Most experts agree that Apophis warrants closer scrutiny, and to that end, in February 2008 the Planetary Society awarded $50,000 in prize money to companies and students who submitted designs for space probes that would put a tracking device on or near the asteroid."

* September 28: volcanic eruptions and a gigantic 9.8 magnitude earthquake in Japan

* November: asteroid "Apophis" slowly approaching Earth. Scientists establish an 80% chance of a possible collision with Earth. This crisis is brought about by mankind today**

* Ecosystem in Australia and New Zealand destroyed; rivers begin to disappear

* 80 percent of the Antarctic ice disappears; worldwide sea level rising dramatically
* forest fires rampant in Europe; high-temperature causes disappearance of the Alps
* September 17: a rift fault between coast of South America's Amazon and the east coast of India forces the African continent to split into two; an 800 m high, gigantic tsunami travelling at a speed of 800 km/hour will hit America; several million casualties
* as a result, the southern half of the African continent sinks and the world experiences about 300 meters of sea level rise and many islands and peninsulas will disappear
* November 26, major quake on the American West Coast from Seattle to San Diego ...