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I added a polldaddy survey asking opinion about Group/Batch training. Few people preferred Group training than the one-to-one training as the price can be less for the Group training. The price for this Group training is $175 USD only.Note that $175 is …
qualitypoint Last Modified: 2011-10-19
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Read Latest News about RtoZ Media which is founded by Former Facebook Marketing Director Randi Zuckerberg.
qualitypoint Last Modified: 2011-10-14
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I am in the process of promoting our blog, and planning to write more articles about Software Testing, QTP automation, web development and about our products and offers.
qualitypoint Last Modified: 2011-10-11
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Timesheets that are developed using php and mysql does not cost any additional cost as both php and mysql are opensource softwares.It never matters if your consulting firm is small or medium sized timesheet is very essential to track the work done by the …
qualitypoint Last Modified: 2011-09-30
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A complete guide to learn HTML5 from Beginners to Experts
qualitypoint Last Modified: 2011-09-20
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For as little as $45.00 you will begin Going Green in your FUEL, and saving as much as .75 cents - to $1.00 Per Gallon of GASOLINE. The Regular Price is $49.95 for a 16oz. Bottle of XP3 Gas and Diesel Fuel Additive. This product has been LAB TESTED, and …
qualitypoint Last Modified: 2011-08-18
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Tech News
qualitypoint Last Modified: 2011-08-11
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Verizon iPhone is the first CDMA based iPhone. The Verizon iPhone has one feature that the AT&T version lacks: the ability to turn the smartphone into a WiFi hotspot to share its 3G connection with other devices. This Verizion iPhone Guide website will give …
qualitypoint Last Modified: 2011-07-21
No image in Jetpak is being developed and maintained by QualityPoint Technologies which is a leading software and web development company. Get Best Jobs by using Job Search Engine powered by Google Custom Search loaded with lot of job sites. Zip code based …
qualitypoint Last Modified: 2011-07-09
No image in Jetpak Pyeongchang to host 2018 Winter Olympic Games
qualitypoint Last Modified: 2011-07-08
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The following is the deposition of Sarah Patten as sworn under oath. Sarah is the daughter of Charles R. Patten, Sr. and Deborah Patten. Charles R. Patten, Sr., was a former National Guardsman and current owner of IIF Data Solutions, Inc.
qualitypoint Last Modified: 2011-06-07
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Read the latest (Hottrends & Hot topics) News and Bookmark your favorite articles to read it from anywhere in the world
qualitypoint Last Modified: 2010-10-30
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